COVID Booster Vaccination Clinics


We strongly encourage everyone to ensure they are fully vaccinated. Anyone who has not had their first two COVID vaccinations, or who would like to book a booster may also book an appointment at one of the many vaccination sites. You can do this by phoning 119 or online  - click the link to book using the national COVID-19 vaccination booking service.

When booking your appointment, please ensure that the date of your booster appointment is at least 3 months from your second vaccination dose. We cannot give you a booster vaccine if it is less than 3 months since your second vaccine dose - you will be turned away away and you will have wasted an appointment that could have been taken up by somebody else.


Regardless of where you receive your booster vaccine, on the day of your vaccination appointment….

  • Please arrive at no earlier than 5 mins before your appointment time, and where possible walk to the surgery to avoid congestion. 
  • Please wear suitable clothing to help with administering your vaccine.
  • Please do not attend the clinic if:
    • You are unwell with a fever on the day of your vaccine
    • You have been covid positive in the last 4 weeks (12 weeks if under 18 years of age)
    • You have had any other vaccination in the last 7 days
  • You will still need to wait for 15 mins before leaving if: 
    • You have had a history of allergies to food or medication in the past
    • You have driven to the vaccination site. 



Face coverings when visiting the Health Centre

COVID-19 and other respiratory infections are still prevalent, but the risk is very much reduced so we have relaxed our policy for the use of face coverings.

We strongly encourage any patient or member of staff to wear a face covering if they feel they may be at risk, due to increased vulnerability or proximity to anyone with respiratory symptoms.

We all have a responsibility to prevent the spread of infection, and therefore if you have respiratory symptoms (cough, sore throat, cold) we request that for the sake of your fellow patients, and our staff, you wear a face covering when attending the Health Centre.

We reserve the right to ask anyone to wear a mask whilst inside the Health Centre if we suspect they may be a risk of respiratory infection.

We will continue to monitor the situation and update this policy as appropriate.

We don’t want your bugs – and you certainly don’t want ours!

Please wear a face mask if you are at risk of passing on or contracting respiratory infectio