Practice News

19th May

Practice training afternoon closure Tuesday 24th May

It is very important that our team have the opportunity to meet together for training purposes. The practice will therefore be closed for staff training between 13:00 – 17:00 on Tuesday 24th May.

During the planned closure any urgent phone calls will be dealt with by NHS 111 and patients requiring emergency care should phone 999 as at any other time.. The surgery will re-open at 17:00

24th Feb

Living with COVID - patients must continue to wear face coverings within the Health Centre

NHS England has confirmed that there will be no immediate changes to infection prevention and control guidance. This means patients, staff and visitors should continue to wear face masks in GP practices. This advice comes in spite of the country moving to the ‘Living with COVID’ strategy from Thursday 24th Feburary.

The end of COVID restrictions means that people who may be infected are now able to return to their normal activities. Even though for the majority of patients COVID symptoms are mild, it is important to respect other patients visiting the Health Centre, many of whom are suffering from acute or chronic health problems and are therefore at greater risk of developing serious symptoms if they contract COVID infection. 

COVID continues to impact on our staff, resulting in greater staff absences, which affects our provision of medical services.

We therefore continue to require patients to wear face coverings and follow social distancing when attending the Health Centre. We require everyone's co-operation to help keep patients and staff safe and ensure we can continue to provide effective GP services for the community.

Why use a face covering?

Covid vaccination

There is clear evidence nationally and locally that suggests the majority of COVID positive cases and admissions to hospital are made up of predominantly un-vaccinated individuals. We strongly encourage everyone to ensure they are fully vaccinated. Anyone who has not had their first two COVID vaccinations, or who would like to book a booster may also book an appointment at one of the many vaccination sites. You can do this by phoning 119 or online  - click the link to book using the national COVID-19 vaccination booking service

12th Feb

Proxy Access issues- NHS App for children going on holiday - contact NHS 119


From 3 February, children aged 12 and over can get a digital NHS COVID Pass for international travel. Following this change the practice have received a lot of requests from parents attempting to gain proxy access to apply for the NHS COVID Travel Pass their children. GPs are not able to provide this service. Parents should ring the NHS 119 telephone service to request an NHS COVID Pass travel letter.

See ‘How to use the NHS COVID Pass when travelling abroad’ here.

NHS COVID Pass digital service for international travel

A digital NHS COVID Pass will: 

  • provide a record of COVID-19 vaccinations received

  • show evidence of recovery for 180 days following a positive NHS PCR test

You can order a digital NHS COVID Pass:

  • via the NHS.UK website for those aged 12 and over (as a PDF you can download or print)

  • via the NHS App for those aged 13 and over (age restrictions apply for use of the App)

To get an NHS COVID Pass, your child will first need to register for an NHS login. Once they have logged into the NHS COVID Pass service and clicked on ‘Travel’, they will be asked to prove their identity. They can do this themselves (or a parent or guardian can help them).

Your child will need to:

  • register for an NHS login using their own email address and enter their details as recorded at the GP

  • take a photo of their photo ID (such as their passport)

  • record a short video of their face saying the 4 digits as shown on screen (this is to provide a physical match to their photo ID)

Once your child has submitted this information to prove their identity (or you’ve helped them to do it), it will then be checked to ensure a correct match to your child’s NHS record.

This usually takes a few hours, but during busy periods may take a few days. You should ensure that you register and prove the identity of your child well in advance of international travel.

NHS COVID Pass letter for international travel

Fully vaccinated children aged 12 to 15 can get an NHS COVID Pass letter for international travel. A person with legal responsibility for a child aged 12 to 15 (such as a parent or guardian) can also request the letter on their behalf.

This is available for children who have received a full course of vaccinations. It is unavailable to those who have received an incomplete course of vaccination (such as one dose of a 2-dose vaccine).   

The NHS COVID Pass letter for international travel is sent in the post and can be requested either:

The NHS COVID Pass letter will be posted to the address held on the child’s NHS record (the address held by their GP) and will show all the vaccinations they have received, including any boosters. The NHS COVID Pass letter should arrive within 7 working days.

The NHS COVID Pass letter service is for international vaccination status only and will not show recovery or negative test results.

Your GP cannot provide you with this letter or service.


10th Feb

New GPs

Dr Lydia Wilson joined the practice as a salaried GP in November last year. She is working 6 sessions a week.

We also have three GP registrars working with us at present, Dr Sarah Carney, Dr Jill Stratford, and Dr Sam Walker, increasing the number of doctors currently working at Holmes Chapel Health Centre to eleven.

4th Oct 2021

Booking appointments at reception

We are no longer making booking appointments for GPs or Advance Nurse Practitioners at reception. All requests for appointments for GPs an ANPs should be made using the online request form AccuRx Online Request, or by telephoning reception at the Health Centre. This is to enable us to triage all requests for appointments with GPs and ANPs to help us manage the increased demand as we emerge from the pandemic. Patients trying to book an appointment with a GP or ANP at the reception desk will politely be requested to complete the online request form or telephone the Health Centre. 

Reception will continue to deal with appointments for chronic disease reviews with a nurse, and for blood tests, where these have been requested by the Health Centre.

We appreciate this can be frustrating for patients and that this is sometimes taken out on our reception staff. Please note, we do to tolerate any form of abuse from our patients, including rudeness and verbal abuse. Please 'do not shoot the messenger' - this is a decision made by the GPs to help manage the demand for appointments, do please feel free to express your views to them rather than our reception staff. 

27th Sep 2021

News Updates

Patient Feedback

The practice welcomes feedback. The positive kind is great for staff morale, and who doesn’t enjoy a pat on the back for a job well done? However, other kinds of feedback are possibly even more important to us, as it helps us improve the service we provide. We want our patients to always have a first-class experience and we need them to ensure this is the case at all times. Although it can be uncomfortable, we need to hear when we get things wrong. We always reflect on how we do things in response to genuine comments and polite feedback, but we can only do this when patients approach the practice on a personal basis, detailing the specific issues they have experienced. 

Social media allows disgruntled patients to express themselves and their posts may act as a catalyst to generate further comments. Unfortunately the ensuing discussion is inevitably one-sided and is rarely constructive in a way that helps the practice move forward, but apart from feeling slightly bruised the practice is not generally damaged. The same cannot be said about personal comments directed against individual members of staff. 

Online abuse of Health Centre staff

Over recent weeks some of the comments posted on social media about the practice and members of staff have been abusive, and the practice has even received some anonymous letters that can only be described as hate male. This will not be tolerated.

We will not tolerate online abuse of members of our team.
We will not tolerate anonymous hate mail sent to the Health Centre.
We will not tolerate threats to post abusive or defamatory comments on social media if patients are not given what they want when they want it. 

For those who continue:

We will send warning letters, advising them of the possibility of removal from our list, on the basis that their actions constitutes a breakdown in a workable doctor-patient relationship. 
We will report hate mail to the police.

We are caring professionals who come to work to help people - we do not come to work to be abused.